Wsus not updating windows 8 clients

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Everything is great in your environment except the bandwidth between branch offices and the main office.

After investigation you noticed that during client updates the bandwidth is full, so you decided to take action.

The main office WSUS server is running on Windows server 2012 and this is what I’m going to deploy on the branch offices to.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 clients are running on these branch offices.

Other customers said the Windows Update agent didn’t perform a successful scan and reported these errors in the In common for all customers was that the WSUS App pool stopped.Running the script (either of them) for the first time can easily take hours all depending on the number of updates in the database and the server specs. Before deleting any updates first run this stored procure exec sp Get Obsolete Updates To Cleanup.Running a WSUS cleanup can be initiated from the WSUS GUI or using Power Shell. Invoke(Delegate method, Object[] args) at Microsoft. The stored procedure will return the update id of each obsolete update in the database. What I have learned is that there is no magic limit to when the server will time-out.A Card house; fun to build but not very solid and when one card falls the whole house often goes down with it.It’s a little like that with the WSUS server and Configuration Manager. Solutions to fix issues and avoid it in the future Let’s start by looking at some of the cards in the game: Couple of weeks ago I had three different customers experiencing identical issues almost at the same time causing the House of Cards to a fall.

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