Who is john wesley shipp dating

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"So Jay's looking at him sort of out of the corner of his eye and asking him what kind of superhero does he want to be.Jay, I think, is also invested -- he's not egoless and he is invested as being the original speedster, which is so funny.What was that feeling like once you got to suit up again as The Flash? Andrew Kreisberg said to me, “You get to be The Flash again! Of course, I understand that was for the costume designer, who is just brilliant in designing the costume. I just got the most incredible and wonderful support from the entire cast. When I stop and think about what’s going to be on the air [Tuesday], yeah, I’m a little nervous about it, but what an opportunity going forward. I really think it was purely a technical consideration, that they had so many stories they wanted to tell, they had so many characters they needed to spin out. The bulk of what I came on to do was achieved in the first season.When the crew comes up to you and says, ‘Fantastic, that’s great! At one point, bless his heart, Grant turned the monitor around during my big reveal when I turn around in the suit so I could see it. I’m still waiting to see what it’s going to look like [Tuesday] night. Regarding the man in the iron mask, were you in the costume the whole time? Let me give the actor who was in it all the kudos in the world. I personally had no desire to hang around, drinking beer and eating pizza on the sofa in my underwear saying, “Well, Barry, you going to the crime lab today? That was to provide Barry with a place for him to come when the special effects die down, the music is quiet, and the suit came off; a place where Barry could go for emotional safety, where he could let his guard down and the audience could see inside this character.

How can we bend and how can we play and overlap what's going on between John and Grant, and what's going on between Jay and Barry," Shipp continued. How does he react when he finds out that Barry is actually dealing with Savitar, this thing that I think is a speed force myth, that I'm not even sure is real, but I know is extremely dangerous? What kind of bonding takes place in the course of this episode, and what is it that Jay and Barry share?But once I was in a Flash suit, going up against Mark – it was crazy," Shipp said of reuniting with Mark on screen in those roles (the two previously shared the screen in Season 1 of "The Flash" when Shipp was playing Henry Allen)."One of the pictures that's been released is Mark and I face to face. Right after they yelled cut on that, he looked at me, he said, 'We're grownups,'" Shipp recalled, with a laugh. And you know what I really appreciate is everybody from Rachel [Talalay], the director, to obviously Andrew [Kreisberg] and Greg Berlanti and the Helbings [Todd and Aaron] -- everybody has such a joy about bringing these elements from the original show into the new show. I can't wait for people to see that moment, actually, with me and Mark." And the Jay/Trickster interaction should feature some nods to Shipp's "The Flash" series.I knew that Henry Allen would be dying, but that’s all I knew.I went for my first costume fitting, and I was trying on this shredded [costume], what looked like a prison uniform. They were like, “Yes, do you know what’s happening? ” They said, “You better call Greg [Berlanti].” I immediately emailed Greg, who of course has six or seven projects going; he’s the busiest man in Hollywood.

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