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The excavator should inspect the property carefully and ask the property owner about private underground lines before digging.The excavator should consider hiring a private locator to mark private lines that could be in conflict with the excavation project.This does not include weekends or holidays observed by Blue Stakes.In emergency situations, member utilities will attempt to respond as soon as possible but preferably within 2 hours.Remember that not all utility owners participate with Blue Stakes.Utah Law requires two full business days’ notice before excavation begins to allow the utility companies time to mark their lines.Member utility companies are then required to re-mark the area within two business days.Utah law requires utility owners to mark only the lines that they own and maintain. Underground lines that extend beyond the meter or that are not connected to a meter are typically not installed or owned by a utility company and therefore may not be marked.

The following entities do not participate with Blue Stakes.

Contact Blue Stakes and they will provide a list of the member utility companies notified.

You must have your Location Request Assignment (LRA) number to obtain this information.

A locate request expires 14 calendar days after the time it was created.

If you need to dig beyond the expiration date, you must contact Blue Stakes again two business days before the expiration date to update your request.

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