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If you use Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7, you may notice some of your media is missing information when displayed in the library.Today we look at how to edit and update metadata and cover art in WMP 12.Manually Entering Metadata If your search for the correct media information comes up empty, you can always manually enter the information yourself.On the Find album information window, click Edit under Existing Information.(For instance, choosing "Album Artist" on the left and "Album" on the right would result in a new header for each album artist, and also for each album.) You can also customize the font for the headers, separately for each side.The sub-grouping header is used to group tracks within an album.The results of WMP’s search for the media information are on the right.Click on Artists, Albums , or Tracks to scroll through the search results and try to find a match.

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While working on the website for singer/songwriter Jackie Morning, we needed to make albums available for download on the site. Now you can Compress it, and send it to whomever (or upload it to the website for download).

You can choose to have titles on the left side of the header, the right side, or both.

If you assign something to both, Music Bee will display a new header for a change in either of the criteria.

See Tracks View for most options; they are very similar.

Album and Tracks adds special Artwork and Album columns (fixed at left), and the Group By settings are found in the Customize Panel window instead of the columns menu.

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