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It was mad, Darling, but marvellous with it.’‘I feel reborn,’ he declares.

‘Strictly was the best thing to have happened to me for an awfully long time.

“But for the pilot I was dressed in a subdued silk shirt and waistcoat.

That news paper was the Daily Express and starting today Britain’s bestloved astrologer is joining us to write a daily column. The 66-year-old has been reading the star signs – or sun signs as he prefers to call them – for more than 50 years.

But it was a chance encounter with the Queen Mother in 1978 that transformed astrology from a sideline into a career.

But he had also started to develop his hobby — astrology — and, in 1978, found himself fronting an exhibition by the British Astrological Society at the Ideal Home Exhibition.

One of the guests, the Queen Mother, was intrigued by this natural showman.‘We did a chart for her and she was supposed to stay for three minutes. I will never forget her saying: “Mr Grant, if I hadn’t been Queen Mother, what might I be doing?

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