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Organizations with a more prominent presence due to Treadway's personal involvement as a board or committee member have been given more extensive treatment.

Although the collection has been divided into eight sections, there is an overlap of activities and a complete examination of a topic may require the researcher to review more than one section.

Taken together, they present a partial historical overview of the gay community's attempt to create and implement what Treadway called "a vision of our own culture," and of its struggle to survive and grow within the institutions of the broader culture.

While some items in the collection date between 19, the bulk of the collection covers the twenty years from 1976 through 1996.

As a result, these papers, along with the other background materials collected by Treadway, form an integral part of his collection.

Paul Public Schools on issues affecting gay teens, and worked for passage of gay rights ordinances in St. Treadway also has served on the boards of directors of two foundations: the Headwaters Fund and the Philanthrofund Foundation.

During its first year of operation the Council was a collaborative effort with Y. Governor Rudy Perpich appointed this task force in April 1990 in order to determine whether evidence of discrimination against gay men and lesbians in Minnesota existed and, if necessary, to make recommendations to better the quality of life for those Minnesotans.

Leo Treadway served as vice chair of the task force.

Paul include an audio tape of the hearing held at the state capitol on April 25, 1990.

Due to a significant rise in the number of violent hate crimes during the 1980s, an ad hoc committee was created in January 1987 which examined various ways to best address the problem and ensure passage of relevant legislation.

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