Hepatitis c singles dating do college students use online dating sites

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Sexual contact can also spread HCV, but the risk is low.Certain sexual behaviors, including engaging in rough sex, having multiple partners, and having a sexually transmitted disease, increase your risk for also contracting HCV.Being informed so that you can take proper precautions greatly reduces your risk of also becoming infected.The more comfortable you feel with the diagnosis and what needs to be done to reduce the possible spread of the virus, the better you will feel when caring for your partner and building a relationship together.For the majority of people with hepatitis C, the infection will be long-term and chronic.In other words, you’ll likely deal with the infection and the resulting damage for the rest of your life. Sharing it with another person can be stressful for some people.HCV can ultimately cause severe health issues, including liver cirrhosis and death. If the two of you can handle this together, though, it’ll be better for you both in the long run.If you feel more comfortable having a medical professional with you to help inform your partner, make an appointment with your doctor. Be as vague or as specific about the nature of the appointment as you need to have your partner attend.

These side effects may leave you exhausted or sick.

If you have a cut or sore in your mouth, wait until it heals.

Supporting your partner through a hepatitis C diagnosis and treatment can help the two of you handle the unknowns and worries that accompany this new chapter.

You may end up feeling worse and have a difficult time rebounding.

That’s entirely up to you and the pace of your relationship. However, if you find yourself ready to have sex with a new person, you should be open and honest about your diagnosis.

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