Girls guide dating geek

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Not for the faint of heart, Serenity and Rami pull no punches!

They covered the important topic of Canada’s Dance Dance revolution (DDR), In the Groove, and Pump it Up scene, where to meet geeks, how gaming gives away someone’s personality, the importance of gaining skills to be sexy, and much more.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get on this blog is from women: “Do you have any advice for helping the girl trying to get the nerd?

” The cliche rejoinder of “Yes: show up” is a tempting (and frankly, obvious) response, but it does a real disservice to both men and women.

Before too long, the subject had taken the Finally, she mentioned that she had a copy of La Blue Girl up in her room and had I ever seen it before?

Guess who’s got two thumbs and stayed in the office to meet his deadline instead of having crazy monkey-sex with the hot-if-slightly-crazy girl because he didn’t realize she was saying “Would you like to come back to my room for a hot cup of FUCK ME GODDAMN IT”? To start with, most geeks are going to have a hard time believing that you’re actually interested in them at .

As obvious as you might think you’re being in letting a guy know you’re interested… This is going to be frustrating to a lot of you, but stick with me here.

Hell, you may want to give them the “come here” nod, because they’re likely to not quite understand the “eye-contact, look away, look back and smile” sign. How many times have you been at a bar, party or book store, locked eyes with a hot geeky guy and given him your best come-hither stare, only to watch him turn back to the graphic novels?

How many times have you been giving your date the “kiss me now you fool!

Take the usual difficulties in meeting a man and throw in some painfully shy guys who’re used to rejection and mockery from the opposite sex and trying to win their hearts has gone from challenging to Nintendo hard, even when you already share a mutual love of Joss Whedon and retro video games. I’ve been the guy who desperately wanted the girls to approach him and the one who’s done the approaching.

So start taking notes and hold your questions until the end; if some of the advice seems a bit contradictory to what I’ve said elsewhere, just wait. The first question many women would ask is “Why should I be interested in dating a geek? I won’t give you any of the standard fluff answers about how geeks are more loyal and less likely to cheat because they’ll be too grateful (the stereotype of the dateless virgin is outdated…

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