Free ps3 sexy chat

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I think multiplayer games do a better job of getting strangers to socialize than this crap. For some reason I love to get my jollies on in games like that, and it's a shame Sony won't allow it.

I'm a fairly sexy chick in Home, got the heels and everything.

Need a video walkthrough to explain what Play Station Plus is? Playing games online is free to anyone who owns at PS3.

But there's also a premium offering for those who plan to use their PS3 a lot.

Some titles have been patched after release to receive 3D features.

Anything you drop into your "Instant Queue" will now show up on your PS3. Select "Internet Browser" from the Network tab on the Xross Media Bar.For voice chat, you'll see a Bluetooth headset (like the kind you'd use with your phone).And for video, you'll need a Play Station compatible camera. Well, combine that with your PS3 and you'll be able to view "Instant Watch" films and shows on your TV.You can choose to "Start New Chat" and either text or speak to others on your friends list.With text chat, you can invite any number of friends and talk just like you would on an instant messenger.

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