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You're finally asked to appear on one of your country's biggest dating shows and you can't actually take part because your penis is too big. Or at least it is for German rapper Farid Bang, who revealed on Facebook that while the producers of )."But unfortunately I have to cancel because of the fact that my voluminous manhood feature would worry German viewers watching in their homes."It would give people complexes, which would also greatly increase the divorce rate."is an RTL reality show that is set on a desert island where all the participants are naked while they're meeting and falling in love, so turning up in your birthday suit is very much the aim of the game here. When asked, the company behind the programme had no comment on whether it had asked Farid to take part.

He *is* just looking out for the security of all marriages in Germany, after all...

Three Sauber engineers were robbed at gunpoint on the same evening.

Sky Sports and BT Sport have revealed the televised fixture schedule for the festive period - and there are no games set for Christmas Eve.

episode, there were a lot of rumors about why it happened at that time.

Button was threatened by gunmen in Sao Paulo ahead of the 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix.One of the team had a gun held to their head, Hamilton said."One minibus was robbed at gunpoint," Mercedes said.The team confirmed it had witnessed a van being targeted at gun point ahead of them, but they were able to get away.Meanwhile personnel from the FIA, the sport's governing body, were also caught up in a separate incident, but escaped unharmed.

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