Dos and don ts for dating

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If these scenarios sound eerily familiar, that’s because the world of casual, no-strings-attached sex can be a slippery slope to navigate—and chances are, you’re doing it all wrong. “Give yourself permission to engage in having a one-night stand,” advises human sexuality expert Catherine Toyooka, the founder of Catherine Coaches sex workshops. If you forget, (discreetly) stop and pick one up before you head home. Halting foreplay for a couple of minutes to grab a rubber is a way better scenario than dealing with an STI or unplanned pregnancy later on.“Far too many people are concerned with how they should act, will be perceived, or what is considered moral that they never allow themselves to delve into casual encounter sex-capades.”DON’T: Be a dick. Even if you never plan on seeing her again, treat the woman with respect. One-night stands should be considered a pleasant surprise—not your God-given right. [pagebreak] DO: “Consider talking about your fantasies,” suggests Toyooka.DON’T: Expect a morning delight just because she gave it up the night before.She may be uncomfortable, too hungover, or—apologies for being blunt—she just might not find you attractive when she’s sober. If you happen to hit it off with someone and you’re really enjoying her company, there’s no reason a one-night stand can’t turn into something more. “Don’t let someone know you will text them in a few days if you have zero interest in seeing them again,” says Toyooka.

Plus, it will soften the blow that comes with uncomfortable departures, and she’ll appreciate it more than you know.actress Meghan Markle was first linked romantically to Prince  Henry of Wales (better known as Prince Harry), and she’s already feeling the glare of the spotlight.She’s even made headlines for something as simple as leaving her Toronto home to go to work!At the very least, plant the seed the night before with something viable.“I’m going to be so hungover for my flag football game tomorrow morning,” holds significantly more merit.

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