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Tie them to a chair and force-feed them your opinions?Programme them to have anterograde amnesia where they only remember right up to the moment where you had the last word?Sometimes they can luck out and see things with writing on them.This sometimes supplies them good names, but just as often is Played for Laughs with them selecting something ridiculous.Like a typical convenience store, it has wide aisles but she yelled at me in front of customers staring in disbelief, for not saying “Excuse me” to her as I walked past.

A situation like the shop incident would have had me stewing or even wondering what she’d seen in me to behave like that, but to be honest, her disproportionate reaction had nothing to do with me.

They see one common object, and then another, and then another...

And assembling the names of the objects in their head, they have an instant pseudonym.

Somewhat Truth in Television, as the real-world examples show.

Other ways to invent a quick alias include Character Name Alias, Sdrawkcab Alias and Sue Donym.

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