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In 1818, Daniel Barber (1756–1834), an Episcopal minister who served Vermont from the border area of Claremont, New Hampshire, was accepted into the Catholic church by Cheverus.

Later, Barber's son, Virgil (1782–1847) who had converted in 1816 and was ordained a Jesuit priest on Dec.

When John Carroll (1736–1815), who had already visited Vermont in 1776, became the first American bishop in 1789, a Catholic community of French Canadians was flourishing.

Vermont, not unlike other states in New England in discriminating against Catholics, repealed these measures in 1793.

Francis River in Canada by Rogers Rangers in 1759, a farmer in West Charleston discovered its candelabra.

Before 1838, another Vermonter recovered, near the mouth of Lake Magog, a gilded image taken from that same church.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DIOCESE BURLINGTON The history of Catholicism in Vermont began in July of 1609 with the arrival of Samuel de Champlain, who named the land for its green mountains ("Voilà les monts verts! Catholicism in Vermont came of age with the establishment of the Diocese of Burlington in 1853.

They crisscrossed Vermont to help the Native Americans before the fall of Quebec in 1763 and until the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773.

The third, contemporary phase began after about 1965 with efforts to implement the renewal of the Second Vatican Council.

Evangelization and Missionary Activity The year before Champlain arrived in Vermont, the explorer had engaged the Society of Jesus to evangelize the Native Americans in the new lands, but the Jesuits did not arrive until the year after his death. Isaac Jogues (1607–46) who passed through Vermont on at least four journeys between New York and Quebec in the years before his martyrdom.

On Barber's suggestion, the bishop climbed Mount Ascutney on June 5, 1826, in search of an appropriate site for a college, but Fenwick did not find it suitable.

Though Barber won converts, the English-speaking Catholics of Vermont had no resident priest when he left Claremont in 1828.

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