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News of the song, and Stewart’s sentiments, has not only come as a bolt from the blue, but churned up difficult memories, causing both anger and distress at what she feels is a breathtakingly revisionist take on the past.‘Over the years he has made both me and Sarah suffer,’ she says now, speaking exclusively to the Mail.

‘He’s wasted so many years of both our lives, so to write something like this now is nothing but hypocrisy as far as I am concerned.

And in any case, wouldn’t she prefer that said daughter was loved by a genuinely nice person, than ill-treated by a bloke, as happened in the recent past?I remember we were dressed the same: deerstalker hats and high-heeled boots,’ she smiles.Stewart was also already a talented musician, however, and played in local pubs.Today, the mother has totally accepted the relationship, which is stable and loving.In your case, your daughter is much younger, and so less able to know the truth of her own feelings. But a parent who is able to surprise a teenager is a wise one who will lead the way, dancing one step ahead in the complicated quickstep towards an adult relationship (yours and hers, I mean) which will last.

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